Jharkhand Academic Open Board

Rules Regarding Seeking Admission

The application form should be properly and neatly filled in and the entries should be correct to the best of the knowledge of the candidate. In case the same is found not properly filled, the Jharkhand Academic Open Board reserves the right to reject such application summarily.

The incomplete applications received after due date will not be considered. Applications should be submitted through JAOB’s Office Study / Examination centres only.

Student belonging to minority community, scheduled caste, scheduled tribes, physically handicapped ,ex-serviceman, war-widow, detainees, should submit the certificate to that effect issued by competent authority along with the application within 31st August positively failing which no students will be eligible for such benefit.

Students have to pay the fees for full Programme in 2 (three) installments, The first installment with the application for Admission, second installment should be deposited within two months from the date of admission. It is obligatory on the part of the students to pay the dues in time. In case of payment of installment dues lately, the fine will be imposed @ 10/- per day. Discontinuing /defaulters will not be permitted to appear before the examination. Students may collect the details of fees payable from their Study/Examination centres.

The entire/total fees should be deposited latest by 28th February in Cash/Demand Draft/Money Order, through their related Study/Examination/Admission centres.

Rules regarding study and examination

Students should take admission only after being fully satisfied with the utility of the educational programmes conducted by the JAOB and after due consent of the guardians after studying the prospectus thoroughly.

No examination and admission fee will be refunded to any student under any circumstances for discontinuance or for non-appearance in the examination.

If the student wishes to appear in next year’s examination, he/she will get 50% concession in Programme fees only, but not in other fees and charges. Above consideration can be made on valid grounds only.

If the student wishes to appear in examination in the next session, he/she will have to fill up the examination form once again along with fees.

Examinations are conducted in the month of May every year, whereas the special session examinations are held in December.

Students intending to appear in the examination should submit their examination form dulyfilled up, clearing all the dues to the JAOB/ concerned Study Campus / Examination centres/latest by 28th February every year for May Session, where as for the special session the same should be filled up and submitted by 31st October every year.

All the Examinations conducted by the JAOB are based Under “Open & Distance Education System”. The passed out students will be awarded with the certificates & Mark Sheets.

In the event of change of address, subject and programmes, the student have to pay Rs. 400/-, 400/- and 600/- respectively extra for the purpose. After 60 days of the admission, no change in subject and programmes will be entertained.

Students should clearly indicate name of the centre and their subjects in the application forms. Normally any change in case of centre & subjects are not permissible. Examinees should be particular in selecting the examination centre and subjects which should be mentioned in the examination form clearly. The list of examination centres are sent along with the examination form JAOB may disallow a student to appear before a Centre which is not reflected or written by the candidate in the examination form.

If any Student/ Guardian/ Member/ Teacher/ Employee of a Centre or Institution have any dispute/ disputes with the Trust, it will be resolved only through the Arbitrator appointed by the OM SRI SAI EDUCATIONAL TRUST, JHARKHAND. The decision/ decisions of the aforesaid Arbitrator are final and binding on all concerned. For any dispute/disputes, the jurisdiction will be at BOKARO STEEL CITY 0R DELHI only. In all respect English version is authenticated. Hindi language is only translated version of English.