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About of Jharkhand Academic Open Board

Jharkhand Academic Open board, Jharkhand was envisaged as a comprehensive instructional delivery institution that offered the prospect to students of being educated without attending daily classes, educational society for the poor and disadvantaged group as street children, working children, and rural women and physically challenged. We have succeeded in creating a distance education program as we have gained expertise in delivering instructional resources and thereby providing learning opportunities to students located at a distance from the organization.

The area of operation of the Jharkhand Academic Open Board is all over India. Centres for examination are situated in almost all major cities of India, where examinations are normally conducted every year during the month of May & Special Session during December. For foreign and N.R.I. students, the Jharkhand Academic Open Board is opening its new Examination centre.

The Jharkhand Academic Open Board is National, International Organization and enjoys statutory status under Constitution of India 1950, for its right to Education. It has been legally authorized of impart educational programmes, admit students conduct examination and issue mark-sheet and certificate etc. Formulate the Bye-laws, Prospectus and other documents, copy of which have been sent to the relevant Govt. authorities both at the centre and the state and other concerned authorities for information and necessary action and also objection, if any.